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About Full Media

Founded in 2008, Full Media is a healthcare digital marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, online advertising, web design, online patient experience and analytics.
Strategically located in Chattanooga, TN and North Georgia, Full Media is part of a thriving community of healthcare organizations and innovators poised between the two fastest growing healthcare markets in the United States: Nashville and Atlanta.

Kathryn, Kevin & Rachael

Why Choose Full Media?

11 Years of Experience in Healthcare

We have a long history of success in more than 25 different medical specialties, as well as experience in medical technology, telehealth and e-visits.

Real Value Tied to Real Patient Actions

Our clients report their successes to key stakeholders and defend their marketing allocations. That’s why our custom reports focus on metrics that really demonstrate value, like new patient appointments or phone calls.

Lasting Partnerships

We form long-term relationships with our clients and become an essential part of their team. That’s why we retain more than 98% of our business each year.

Commitment to Innovation

We are not just a media buyer. Our clients are passionate clinicians and administrators that want to provide excellent care and better patient experiences. We want to be more than just an agency, we want to be a partner in confronting challenges and discovering solutions.

Our Team